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Fadaka City

Land for sale
WELCOME TO FADAKA CITY FADAKA is an eco-friendly city, it's a natural and contemporary net zero carbon city, with its roots deeply entrenched in an interesting and evocative legacy. It offers an authentic and harmonious lifestyle to the multi-generations and families who'll call FADAKA Eco-friendly city home. Our eco-friendly estate is designed with a gentle touch, and we balance caring for the environment with maintaining a lifestyle relevant to the diverse community of residents who love living within this haven for nature. FADAKA Eco-friendly city is all about total wellness, harmony, and peace, and about equilibrium between our residents, our wildlife, our birdlife, and our incredible flora. Life at FADAKA Eco-friendly city is truly treasured and authentic living. Fadaka eco-friendly city is developed by Buylekkinownow Realty "Fadaka" is a Yoruba word that means Treasure, Silver, or precious Gem. This name was carefully chosen because it best captures the beloved eco-friendly city Fadaka represents. LOCATION: Mojoda/Ololo, Epe TITLE: CofO in View Launch Price: 600sqm - N1.5m FADAKA FEATURES: * Solar panels and solar roofs * Waste and water recycling * Forest Bathing * Induction Cooking * Solar Powered Car & Charging Port *Colossal Green Area FADAKA LANDMARKS: 10 mins drive from Yaba Tech Epe St Augustine University Dukia Africa Alaro City Beyond all these activities and amenities, FADAKA's Eco-friendly city offers something even more important. It offers peace of mind and a secure lifestyle living. It offers balance and the promise of renewal of body, mind, and spirit. It offers reconnection to family, friends, and the natural environment. And it offers a very special, unique and healthy, risk-free living experience. Call/WhatsApp+2349055511165

Flora City Lagoon Front

Land for sale
FLORA LAGOON FRONT From the deep desire to provide comfort in Nature, an opportunity to reside around nature's beautiful aura, a concept to promote peace, tranquility and personal privacy comes FLORA LAGOON FRONT FLORA LAGOON FRONT, a development of Buylekkinownow Realty is situated in the lagoon front of ibon ibeju lekki Lagos. A beautiful waterfront abode that suits you and your loved ones. Imagine being with your family and friends as you all enjoy the serene view of the lagoon front while walking around its shores. Currently, the most affordable lagoon front property Flora Lagoon Front offers natural features like a luscious Garden and lagoon walkways amongst other commercial features. Its lagoon allure also greatly promotes the estate values making it one property you do not want to miss out on. Price; N2.5 million Size; 500sqm Location; Ibon, Ibeju lekki Title; Government Allocation in View For Inspection, Contact: 09055511165 Payment break down for FLORA LAGOON FRONT Cost of Land for 1 plot; N2,500,000 Statutory fee per plot (total 800k) BREAKDOWN OF STATUTORY FEES Deed of Assignment: N100,000 Survey fee; N300,000 Development fee: N400,000 For every 6 plots, you get one plot free; how ever you will pay for the statutory fees of the free plots. (Available on 10plots) Overall Total: N3,300,000 Initial deposit for 1 plot: N500,000 3 months payment plan allowed at no additional cost while 6 months payment plan attracts additional N300,000 as interest.

Flora City Extension

Land for sale
FLORA CITY EXTENSION Nature is one thing that eludes us once we immense ourselves into technology. Sad to say the decline in nature have caused more harm than good. HOW ABOUT THIS Live and work with all the technology you can get and at the same time be surrounded by nature all around! A wonderful Paradise to experience! A perfect balance between work life and healthy living! Imagine the blend between a peaceful home and a hi tech work environment! INTRODUCING............ FLORA EXTENSION A City set in the heart of Ibon Ibeju Lekki. Flora city extension encourages both commercial and residential living. In it you find Hi Tech Infrastructures that enhances commercial productivity. Infrastructures such as: ♦️Tech Hubs ♦️Co-work Space ♦️6G Network ♦️Luxuriant Trees ♦️Well structured Road Networks etc FLORA CITY EXTENSION Is selling at the affordable rate of N1,500,000 per plot Location; Ibon Ibeju Lekki Lagos Size; 500sqm Title: Government Allocation in view Flora City Extension........ Welcome Home! For inspections and purchase call 09055511165 Payment break down for FLORA EXTENSIONS Cost of Land for 1 plot ; 1,500,000 naira Statutory fee per plot (total 800k) Breakdown of the statutory fees Deed of Assignment; N100,000 Survey fee; N300,000 Development fee: N400,000 For every 6 plots, you get one plot free; how ever you will pay for the statutory fees of the free plots. (Available on 10plots) Overall Total; N2,300,000 Initial deposit for 1 plot: N500,000 3 months payment plan allowed at no additional cost while 6 months payment plan attracts additional N300,000 as interest.

Alumoni City

Land for sale
ALUMONI...The Land of Abundant Resources??? Would you love to live in a city that rewards you with an atmosphere which promotes "Well-being and Longevity" and also guarantees you a great return on investment for making a wise decision? If this offer sounds great to you, then welcome to "Alumoni" - A city of abundant resources" https://maps.app.goo.gl/KM5Zzu2ScAVqtkgc9 (goggle map? location) ALUMONI is strategically located along the corridors of Ej?r? - Ketu Epe facing the expressway. It is less than 10 minutes drive from the the Epe T-junction, which makes it very easy to navigate. ALUMONI is every investors dream it Faces the Expressway which makes it the Go-To spot for Healthy communal living, and thriving successful businesses. ALUMONI rewards you with "a Healthy and vibrant lifespan" as it is an "Eco-friendly city" powered by 100% green energy. It's key features are; ? Solar farm ( hybrid green energy) ? Vehicle Charging stations / Bicycle stations (for healthy and active lifestyle) ?Green indigenous market (eat natural produce from the earth) ? Forest bathing and Green park (enjoy nature and pure oxygen) ? Water recycling ? Tech hubs & Smart offices. ALUMONI LANDMARKS ?Epe resorts and Spa ? Isimi Lagos ?Dukia Africa ?Ketu Omu roundabout ?Epe International Market Pre launch offers ?? 300 SQM 1.2M ?? 500 SQM 1.999M Main Launch offers ?? 300 SQM 2.1M ?? 500 SQM 3M Title ?? C of O in view. Do not let the train leave you behind, take advantage of the Pre Launch prices to be ahead of the competition! Main Launch comes up in September 2023. For enquiries | inspection | purchase, call or WhatsApp : +2349055511165

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