Fadaka City

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Fadaka City
FADAKA is an eco-friendly city, it's a natural and contemporary net zero carbon city, with its roots deeply entrenched in an interesting and evocative legacy.

It offers an authentic and harmonious lifestyle to the multi-generations and families who'll call FADAKA Eco-friendly city home.

Our eco-friendly estate is designed with a gentle touch, and we balance caring for the environment with maintaining a lifestyle relevant to the diverse community of residents who love living within this haven for nature.

FADAKA Eco-friendly city is all about total wellness, harmony, and peace, and about equilibrium between our residents, our wildlife, our birdlife, and our incredible flora.

Life at FADAKA Eco-friendly city is truly treasured and authentic living.

Fadaka eco-friendly city is developed by Buylekkinownow Realty "Fadaka" is a Yoruba word that means Treasure, Silver, or precious Gem.

This name was carefully chosen because it best captures the beloved eco-friendly city Fadaka represents.

Mojoda/Ololo, Epe

CofO in View

Launch Price:
600sqm - N1.5m

* Solar panels and solar roofs
* Waste and water recycling
* Forest Bathing
* Induction Cooking
* Solar Powered Car & Charging Port
*Colossal Green Area

10 mins drive from Yaba Tech Epe
St Augustine University
Dukia Africa
Alaro City

Beyond all these activities and amenities, FADAKA's Eco-friendly city offers something even more important. It offers peace of mind and a secure lifestyle living. It offers balance and the promise of renewal of body, mind, and spirit. It offers reconnection to family, friends, and the natural environment. And it offers a very special, unique and healthy, risk-free living experience.